Iceland 2017

I am currently in Skagaströnd, in Northern Ireland for a 2 month residency. I am blogging on alyiceland.blogspot.com so please take a look. I hope to add an Iceland photography category but will also post on my flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/aly1j/ Takk!  

My Iceland Blog is here

It is only 7 days now until I am on my way to Iceland. Very excited about the opportunity and I will keep everyone up to date with my blog. The address is alyjacksoniceland.blogspot.com

Fantastic Opportunity arises…

As always, sorry for the extended delay in posting. I have been very busy with a range of things but have a really exciting project to tell you about.. I am off to Iceland for one month in February. I will be working with the Nes Artists Residency in Skagastrong in northern Iceland towards a […]


  Hello and yet again, sorry for my absence. I have been working hard to complete my MA which I am very pleased to say is now done. (Managed to get a distinction!) The work is on display at Markeaton Street site of Derby University until the 12th of October. There is a private view […]

Sorry for the absence

It’s nearly the end of the Summer and I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. I am currently preparing for my Masters exhibition which will be held within the University in Derby. The work is a multi image visual piece which uses an eclectic mix of photographs to enable the viewer to create […]

It’s nearly Summer…

Time seems to be rushing forward at the moment and we are only a weekend away from British Summer time. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately but am hoping that the longer days and slightly warmer weather might motivate me in a new artistic direction… Watch this space!   I want to do […]

Salon 5. 15th of March 2014

  It would be great to see people at the Salon 5 exhibition. It’s a small intimate evening in a lovely setting. The art comes from a diverse range of artists – something for everyone!

Gathering at the The Gathering Place…

  All went well at the official opening, but the Dean of the Cathedral. a small but fantastic group of people came, including some of the people in the images. What a lovely evening. Go and see it if you can. It’s up until the 27th of February.

A Murmuring of Starlings

  I was very lucky to experience around 100.000 birds in flight last Sunday in Derbyshire. It was a beautiful afternoon with perfect light. Images will be in the landscape section

Wakefield Cathedral Exhibition

  I am really looking forward to showing these images. This was a month last summer where I got to just ‘be’ a visual artist. I was drawn to the cathedral and to the people using the surroundings as a gathering place, hence the name of the exhibition.